Boîte à surprises PROMO 

Performed at Teatro Civico di Sinnai, Sardinia, in March 2014


Coming soon!

Alice - Which Dreamed It? PROMO

Teatro Massimo, Cagliari, Sardinia, March 2014

Farid PROMO 

Performed at Teatro Out Off, Milan,  October 2013



Work-in-progress on Farid, Milan, Conservatorio G. Verdi, spring 2013

Spell Your Name, Mr Brecht! PROMO

Performed at Teatro Astra, Turin, in April 2011

Joseph And the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat PROMO

Performed at Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan, in June 2012

All About Eve PROMO

Performed at Teatro dell'Arca, Milan, in April 2009

Perpetuum mobile

From Boîte à surprises, performed at Teatro Franco Parenti, Milan, in December  2011