Il Cielo sotto Milano

The theatre Il Cielo Sotto Milano (“The Sky under Milan”) was inaugurated in March 2016 in the underground station of Porta Vittoria - some say it’s the only theatre in an underground station. Because of its unusual location, its aim is to reach a new and different audience. A few yards from the stage, hundreds of passengers and commuters cross the station every day - each one a different occupation, lifestyle, interests. All of them can see what goes on in the theatre through the large windows. This is not a mysterious temple of culture, as theatres are often regarded - but a welcoming and friendly place.

The programme is closely linked to the artistic calling of the Company: theatre and music, theatre in English, social and political theatre. Our commitment is to create a link between the inside and the outside, by hosting other companies and by making the secrets of theatre-craft accessible to anyone. At the end of each show, a plate of soup and a glass of wine are included in the ticket and are shared with the artists.

Il Cielo sotto Milano hosts many activities: rehearsals, workshops, individual lessons, meetings and conferences. The space is considerable and special curtains can isolate acoustically the area dedicated to individual music lessons.

The audience seats 100.

The Company

La Dual Band is Dual because of its dual composition: theatre and music. Founded in 1997 by Anna Zapparoli (actress/singer, playwright and director) and Mario Borciani (pianist and composer), it is also dual linguistically: Anna Zapparoli and two other members are half English half Italian - the Company has performed in Britain (six times  at the Edinburgh Fringe, with very good reviews , in London and in other festivals in England) as well as Switzerland and France (Avignon and Paris).

Over the years La Dual Band has specialised in chamber musical theatre, often strongly inspired by brechtian plays. 

After a wonderful experience working with La Scala Theatre (the famous Milan opera house) children's choir on a Dual Band project in 2005, the company decided to open to a few very talented young choristers. These children are now adults and their skills in music and theatre have grown with them, and they have honed their abilities to a fine point. The younger members throw in their youth and energy while the older members contribute with their expertise and craftsmanship. So the young and the old, in the old style of a traveling thatrical family, tightrope-walk together on the subtle watershed between theatre and music.