A group of singers trained at the Teatro alla Scala Children's Choir who were in love with the theatre decided to get together with a group of actors trained in major Italian Drama Schools who were very passionate about music - and they founded an ensemble. Boîte à Surprises is a show cut to measure to their skills. Actor-singers and singer-actors play together on a very subtle borderline that divides (and unites) theatre and music - with profound dedication and always respecting the rules. A cavalcade in song, fromMonteverdi to the Beatles, from Rossini to Lady Gaga, from YvesMontand to German cabaret and "The Complete History of Cinema in 9minutes". The show is sung in all the languages of Europe and beyond, but mainly it exploits the rich comic potential of the "superlanguage" of voices imitating musical instruments.



The BumbleBeetles premiered in October 2014 in Milan at the Blue Note (the syindicated twin of Blue Note NYC), and has been in many theatres in Italy, including Teatro Astra in Turin.