a tale in music by Mario Borciani

and Anna Zapparoli

Ulysses travels to get back to his home. We call his journey "Odyssey". 

But what will we call the journey of someone who has to run away from his  home? 

And suppose it were a little boy?

Farid is a true story, told and sung collectively by children, teenagers and adults. It is the result of a study on lost childhood and emigration in musical theatre.


A group of singers trained at the Teatro alla Scala Children's Choir who were in love with the theatre decided to get together with a group of actors trained in major Italian Drama Schools who were very passionate about music - and they founded an ensemble. Boîte à Surprises is a show cut to measure to their skills. Actor-singers and singer-actors play together on a very subtle borderline that divides (and unites) theatre and music - with profound dedication and always respecting the rules. A cavalcade in song, fromMonteverdi to the Beatles, from Rossini to Lady Gaga, from YvesMontand to German cabaret and "The Complete History of Cinema in 9minutes". The show is sung in all the languages of Europe and beyond, but mainly it exploits the rich comic potential of the "superlanguage" of voices imitating musical instruments.



Alice - Who Dreamed It?

The Red King is asleep, don’t wake him! He’s dreaming about you, and you are just a sort of thing in his dreams. Or not?

Alice is called into the looking-glass by her Author, a masked figure who creates her dreamworld – a world where logic is reversed. All her everyday objects turn into curious puppets. She finds herself on a live chessboard, playing as White Queen’s Pawn. While she struggles to reach the eighth and last square where she will become Queen, she meets all sorts of very unnerving creatures from both of Carroll’s books – Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Humpty Dumpty, and many others.

Her Author only reveals himself at the very end, escorting her through the last square as the White Knight, and leaving her to adulthood.

It is a show suitable for adults and children over 7 accompanied by adults.

Action takes place in Alice's drawing room, where parts of the furniture and everyday objects take on a dreamlike quality by use of LEDs and grotesquely realistic magnified sounds.

The actors in it are perfectly bilingual, so it has been performed in both languages in Italy – with subtitles for the English version.

1933 and All That

Brecht, Weill & Friends

​​A soirée of songs, telling the stories of picturesque characters who populated the artistic world of Germany, starting from the end of the 19th Century to 1947. Mr Brecht unfolds his incredible life through his timeless songs and poems, together with Kurt Weill, Frank Wedekind, Hanns Eissler. Anna Zapparoli starts from the very early stages of German cabaret, with Wedekind's and young Brecht's anti-bourgeois satire, through the magic season of The Threepenny Opera and Happy End and the anguished poems written by Brecht while fleeing his fellow-countrymen during World War Two - and ends with the flashy world of 1950s America, where Brecht never felt at home.


Joseph and the Amazing


Technicolor Dreamcoat 

​Take the Bible, Mozart, 60s pop, famine, the horrors of family life Rock'n'Roll, and economics, mix it all… that's Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's early masterpiece, Joseph - subtle, ironic, intense, Joseph is a show for children and adults alike.

"Way, way back, many centuries ago, not long after the Bible began…". Goethe called it "the most beautiful story of all time". 

Farid is not only a show and that has been performed in the prestigious Teatro Out Off in Milan - it is a workshop project. It started in 2013 as a collaboration with the Milan Conservatorio G. Verdi as two separate workshops on musical theatre - one for young music students and one for children and teenagers who train in singing and acting. 

The play is based on the true story of Farid, whom Anna Zapparoli personally met and interviewed in 2010 in England where he was living at the time. 



Boîte à surprises premiered in November 2011 in Milan at the Blue Note (the syindicated twin of Blue Note NYC), and has been in many theatres in Italy, including Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan.


This show has premiered for a major theatre in Milan, Teatro Franco Parenti, in 2011 and at the International Puppetry Festival in Lugano, Switzerland the same year. It is programmed for Teatro Stabile della Sardegna in 2014.


1933 and All That premiered in Milan at the prestigious Teatro Filodrammatici in 1998. Since then it has been performed in English, French and German, in Italy, Britain and France (Edinburgh Fringe 2001-2005, Avignon Off 2005, Theatre du Vingtième in Paris, Arcola Theatre in London, and in 2013 to the South of France)


Joseph premiered at Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan in June 2012; it is the result of three separate workshops on musical theatre - one for young singers and actors, one for music students and one for children and teenagers who train in singing and acting - in collaboration with the Milan Conservatorio G. Verdi


All About Eve

God has a sense of humour. Eve should know… She’s been around for so long, from Creation to Globalization. The show begins at the very beginning, Creation. Eve thinks back and re-tells the story from her point of view, in a mini-musical epic to the sound of Mario Borciani’s music. And with the help of a choir of 4 young singer-actors (former members of Teatro Alla Scala children's choir) who impersonate everything, from God to the Serpent to the Apple to Eve’s conscience.

The moral of the tale is simple, and in the end Eve gives voice to it: when God was creating man out of mud, it wouldn’t have taken him long to make say  three or four couples to start off with. But he didn’t. He just made Adam and Eve. That, we suspect, was because He didn’t want any man to be able to say, “I’m King of the Castle.”


All About Eve premiered in Milan in 2003, and it was performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for Richard De Marco in 2002 and 2003.


Whores, gangsters, pimps, pushers: so young and oh, so full of life! Talented teenagers from Sardinia and La Scala, Milan sing together: Mare Nostrum embraces all in this Mediterranean version of Gay’s classic.

Piccioccus premiered in 2009 at the Edinburgh Fringe (Sweet Venues). It is a production of La Dual Band and Sardinian company Effimero Meraviglioso .


Molly Bloom - a Musical Dream

Penelope infedele (Unfaithful Penelope) is a musical for one singer-actress and a small band (piano, clarinet, double bass and drums) based on the Molly Bloom monologue from the last chapter of Ulysses.The whole show is based on the presence of a grand piano (it acts as Molly's bed). "Molly Bloom - a Musical Dream" premiered in 1998 at Teatro Filodrammatici in Milan, It has been performed in Italy, both in Milan and Rome, and is now being translated into English for the Jermyn Street Theatre, London, where it will be running for 4 weeks from November 2000.