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about us

La Dual Band is Dual because of its dual composition: theatre and music. Founded in 1997 by Anna Zapparoli (actress/singer, playwright and director) and Mario Borciani (pianist and composer), it is also dual linguistically: Anna Zapparoli and two other members are half English half Italian - the Company has performed in Britain (six times  at the Edinburgh Fringe, with very good reviews , in London and in other festivals in England) as well as Switzerland and France (Avignon and Paris). The members of the company are singer/actors and most of them bilingual (Italian/English).

The theatre Il Cielo Sotto Milano (“The Sky under Milan”) was inaugurated in March 2016 in the underground station of Porta Vittoria - some say it’s the only theatre in an underground station. Because of its unusual location, its aim is to reach a new and different audience. A few yards from the stage, hundreds of passengers and commuters cross the station every day - each one a different occupation, lifestyle, interests. All of them can see what goes on in the theatre through the large windows. This is not a mysterious temple of culture, as theatres are often regarded - but a welcoming and friendly place.

The programme is closely linked to the artistic calling of the Company: theatre and music, theatre in English, social and political theatre. Our commitment is to create a link between the inside and the outside, by hosting other companies and by making the secrets of theatre-craft accessible to anyone. At the end of each show, a plate of soup and a glass of wine are included in the ticket and are shared with the artists.

Il Cielo sotto Milano hosts many activities: rehearsals, workshops, individual lessons, meetings and conferences. The space is considerable and special curtains can isolate acoustically the area dedicated to individual music lessons.

The audience seats 100.

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