Which Dreamed It?



The Red King is asleep, don’t wake him! He’s dreaming about you, and you are just a sort of thing in his dreams. Or not?

Alice is called into the looking-glass by her Author, a masked figure who creates her dreamworld – a world where logic is reversed. All her everyday objects turn into curious puppets. She finds herself on a live chessboard, playing as White Queen’s Pawn. While she struggles to reach the eighth and last square where she will become Queen, she meets all sorts of very unnerving creatures from both of Carroll’s books – Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Humpty Dumpty, and many others.

Her Author only reveals himself at the very end, escorting her through the last square as the White Knight, and leaving her to adulthood.

It is a show suitable for adults and children over 7 accompanied by adults.

Action takes place in Alice's drawing room, where parts of the furniture and everyday objects take on a dreamlike quality by use of LEDs and grotesquely realistic magnified sounds.

The actors in it are perfectly bilingual, so it has been performed in both languages in Italy – with subtitles for the English version.


This show has premiered for a major theatre in Milan, Teatro Franco Parenti, in 2011 and at the International Puppetry Festival in Lugano, Switzerland the same year. It is programmed for Teatro Stabile della Sardegna in 2014.